SA0001 University Quad Events Policy

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August, 2011
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A major component in a student’s educational experience is the opportunity to participate in open discussion outside the classroom. Further, students should have a place on campus where campus club events can be advertised, club tabling can occur, and outdoor campus-wide events may take place.


The University encourages use of the University Quad for special events, Open Microphone, non-amplified free speech, club tabling, and solicitation/distribution of materials. Quad use cannot interfere with the educational mission of the University nor disrupt instruction. The University reserves the right to determine time, place and manner for use of any University property, including the quad. The University Quad Policy governs activities that take place in the quad area, located in front of the University Center (Building #45) of Humboldt State University. The University Quad Policy is established within the parameters of the State of California, California Administrative Code (Title 5), Educational Article 9, Section 42350-42354.


Areas of the University Quad can be reserved for special events, Open Microphone, non-amplified speech, amplified music, and solicitation and/or distribution of materials. Campus-recognized clubs and organizations shall have priority in scheduling these spaces. Use of the quad shall be subject to the regulations listed below. Exceptions may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the President or his or her designee. Forms for reserving the quad are available at the UC Information counter.


There are a limited number of banner spaces allocated for use by Clubs/Organizations. Banner reservations may be made at the UC Information Desk (x4414). Each club is restricted to ten days (the equivalent of two weeks of Mon-Fri) of banner space per semester. Clubs may reserve one space at a time and have their banner posted for any number of days up to the ten day limit. In the event that all club spaces are reserved, clubs may submit banners to the Information Desk. They will be posted in the event of a cancellation or no-show of another banner. Due to space limitations, the following guidelines must be adhered to:
  1. Banners may only be used to publicize special events open to and help primarily for the campus community.
  2. Banners may NOT be used to endorse political parties, candidates, or initiatives, including items pertaining to Associated Students elections.
  3. Banners must be larger than 2’ x 3’, but may not exceed 3’ x 5.5’.
  4. Paper used to make banners must be at least equivalent in weight to butcher paper.
  5. Banners must be dry when submitted to the Information Desk.
  6. Banner space may be reserved up to one (1) academic semester in advance of the event. Banners may be submitted without a reservation; however, there is no guarantee they will be posted.
  7. Banners should be submitted to the Information Desk no later than 4:00 p.m. the weekday prior to the requested day of posting.
  8. In the event of inclement weather (wind, rain, etc.) banners will not be posted. Days that banners are not able to be posted still count as part of the ten-day limit.
  9. Banner materials are available for club use through the Clubs and Activities office located in the South Lounge.
  10. The sponsoring club/organization’s name must be on the banner. Banners without sponsor’s name will not be posted.

Quad Food Sales

University Quad food sales are restricted to campus recognized clubs/organizations. Organizations wishing to sell food in the University Quad shall obtain permission from the Clubs and Activities Office under the guidelines established by that department.

 Non-amplified speech, meetings, rallies, etc.

  1. The time, manner and place of meetings, rallies, etc. shall be subject to regulation by the campus president or his/her designee.
  2. Meetings, rallies, etc. can normally occur from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Solicitation/Distribution of Materials/University Solicitation Policy

All solicitors must adhere to campus policy regarding on-campus sales and solicitation. See Executive Memorandum P10-01, supersedes P67-22, UML 00-04, or contact the Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs.

Open Microphone/Special Events

  1. Open microphone/special events can occur Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  2. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that two groups wish to use the Quad on the same day, the University Center will work with the two groups to reach a solution. There may be times that the University will preempt one event over another based on the nature of the two events (for example, if Club A has the Quad reserved for Open Microphone and the Associated Students would like to use the Quad for a student body election forum, priority would be given to Associated Students).
  3. The individual scheduling the Quad shall be responsible for monitoring the use of PA equipment. This includes:
    1. Assisting UC personnel in set-up and take-down of equipment.
    2. Remaining on the Quad throughout the entire event.
    3. Monitoring the volume level of the amplified equipment.
    4. Monitoring the time limits of the event.
  4. The University reserves the right to cancel an Open Microphone/Special Event at any time. Possible reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, failure to properly monitor an event, or preemption of one event by another event

Amplified Music

  1. Amplified musical performances are limited from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  2. The sound level shall be kept at a level that does not disturb activities and instruction in nearby buildings.
  3. Vehicles may access the Quad for equipment unloading/loading only, then must be moved into designated parking. At no time may a vehicle block fire lanes or major pedestrian traffic areas. The performers are responsible for parking their cars in a legal parking space during the event.
  4. Music performers must supply their own equipment.
  5. The University reserves the right to cancel a musical performance at any time. Possible reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, excessive volume, or disruption of instruction.
  6. There will be no amplified musical performances during finals week.
  Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in the loss of Quad use privileges.