Adding New Policy Posters


Adding New Policy Posters

Step 1: If you are assigned the role of Policy Site Manager, you have the capability to post and delete policies and add new Policy Posters.

To add a new Policy Poster, instruct them to go to and click Login.

log in


Step 2: Your new Policy Poster will enter their Humboldt User Name and Password, then click Log In.


Step 3: Have your new Policy Poster contact you once they've logged in.

Now, you will log into and click Grant Poster Permissions on the sidebar, under Tools.

grant poster permissions


Step 4: Select the checkbox to the left of the new user and select Change user roles from the pull-down window, and click Execute


Add the role of Policy Poster. Click Next and confirm. The next time this new user logs in, they will have the capability to post policies.

add roles