University Policies & Executive Memoranda

Policy Type: University Policies & Executive Memoranda
Month/Yearsort ascending Policy Number Policy Title Supersedes
Oct 2021 [P[21-03]] Time, Place and Manner of Free Speech and Expression, Commercial Activity and Use of University Buildings and Grounds Policy Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy, SA0001 University Quad Events Policy
Jul 2021 [P21-02] Facilities Management Chargeback Policy Plant Operations Chargeback Policy, UML 00-05, October 2000 (Archived)
Apr 2021 [P21-01] P21-01 Email Policy P16-01 Email Policy (Archived)
Apr 2020 [P20-03] Key & Access Control Policy
Feb 2020 [P20-01] Minimum Qualifications for Student Office Holders
Feb 2020 [P20-02] Student Club and Student Organization Travel Policy
Apr 2019 [P19-04] Alcoholic Beverages Policy Alcoholic Beverages - Comprehensive University Policy Regarding Use of
Feb 2019 [P19-01] Required Use of Chlorine Free, 100 Percent Recycled or 100 Percent Agricultural Waste Fiber Paper
Feb 2019 [P19-02] Budget Oversight Policy
Oct 2018 [P18-03] Controlled Substances and Alcohol Policy for Drivers of Commercial Vehicles
May 2018 [P18-02] Temporary Food Facility Policy (Supersedes EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy)
Dec 2017 [P17-08] Animals on Campus Policy - Employees
Dec 2017 [P17-09] Animals on Campus Policy – Student, Campus Residents and Visitors
Dec 2017 [P17-10] University Operating Fund Reserve Policy
Aug 2017 [EO 1108] Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Systemwide Policy
Apr 2017 [P17-03] Hazardous Materials Management Program Policy
Feb 2017 [P17-02] Acting President Policy
Feb 2017 [P17-01] Policy on Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines
Jan 2016 [P16-02] Data Management Policy
Jan 2016 [P16-01] P16-01 Email Policy (Archived)
Dec 2015 [P15-04] Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - Policy for Compliance with
Nov 2015 [P15-03] Space Management Policy
Jul 2014 [EM: P14-03] Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Policy
Feb 2014 [EM:P14-01] Charitable Contribution Acceptance Policy
Nov 2013 [EM:P13-02] Clery Act - Timely Warnings and Crime Alerts Under the Jeanne Clery Act
Jul 2012 [DAR 11-08] Fundraising Policy
Jul 2012 [DAR 11-06] Communication and Solicitation Guidelines - HSU Alumni & Friends
Jan 2012 [II-16] International Visitors - Guidelines for
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-08] Found, Unclaimed, or Abandoned Property Policy
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-10] Network Connection Policy
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-07] Wireless Device Policy
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-09] Information Security Policy - Implementation of the CSU
Oct 2011 [EM:P11-06] Nondiscrimination Policy
Jun 2011 [EM:P11-04] Formation of Centers/Institutes Policy
Mar 2011 [EM:P11-­01] Alcoholic Beverages - Comprehensive University Policy Regarding Use of
Jun 2010 [EM:P10-03] Data Classification Standards - HSU Implementation of the CSU Data Classification Standards
Jun 2010 [EM:P10-01] Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy
Oct 2009 [EM:P09-04] Background and Criminal Records Check Policy and Procedures
Mar 2008 [EM:P08-01] Commercial Visual And Sound Productions Policy
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-09] Risk Management Policy
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-07] Diversity Program Funding Committee
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-08] Diversity Plan Action Council
Oct 2006 [EM:P06-05] Public Safety Committee
Feb 2006 [EM:P06-02] Critical Immediate Send Message
Feb 2006 [EM:P06-03] Enrollment Management Advisory Committee
Feb 2005 [EM:P05-03] Crisis Prevention and Assessment Team
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-02] Interim Management Personnel Plan Appointments
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-03] University Space and Facilities Committee
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-04] Addendum to Policy for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in Recruitment and Appointment
Apr 2004 [EM:P04-01] Injury and Illness Prevention Program - Implementation of Campus
Jul 2003 [EM:P03-07] Advisory Committee on Services to Students with Disabilites
Jul 2003 [EM:P03-08] Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - Information And Policy for
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-01] Parking and Transportation Committee
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-04] Campus Closure Policy
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-03] Campus Bereavement - Lowering of Flag
Apr 2002 [EM:P02-02] Service Learning/Experiential Education Advisory Committee
Jan 2002 [EM:P02-01] Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities Policy and Procedures
Oct 2001 [EM:P01-05] Student Fee Advisory Committee
Aug 2001 [EM:P01-03] Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee
Jun 2000 [EM:P00-06] Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in Recruitment and Appointment Policy
Mar 2000 [EM:P00-03] Externally Funded Grants and Contracts