Self-Support Instructional Programs Policy

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February, 2000
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Supercedes P 80-13

In addition to the principal mission of the University to provide a variety of state-supported, undergraduate and graduate programs, Humboldt State University also is committed to offering a wide range of non-state-supported programs to serve the educational needs and interests of residents of the service area and others throughout the world. To facilitate providing these special programs which are financed through student tuition or fees, the lines of responsibility are set forth in order to enhance coordination, to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and to assure fiscal accountability. In order to achieve this end, this policy is established and is applicable to all members of the University community (faculty, staff, Associated Students, and University auxiliaries) who desire to offer or who are engaged in the presentation of such instructionally-related, self-support programs.

The Office of Extended Education has been established to facilitate the development and offering of such self-support, instructionally-related programs. This policy statement intends to clarify the responsibilities assigned to Extended Education, and to assist faculty involvement in the development and staffing of these programs. Accordingly, all instructional credit and non-credit self-support programs involving tuition or fees will operate under the authority of the Office of Extended Education with the exceptions listed. The Office of Extended Education, in conjunction with the appropriate academic unit, will be responsible and accountable for the development, coordination, logistical support and evaluation of all such programs and will report regularly to the University administration as to the programmatic and fiscal status of these activities. Fee schedules and charges for administrative support for program operation shall be based on the level of support to be provided by the Office of Extended Education. The Office of Fiscal Affairs shall continue to be responsible for assistance and review in fiscal matters.

All faculty appointments and all instructional self-support activities offered for credit and non-credit must be approved by the respective academic units, the Academic Dean and the Director of Extended Education. Examples of such instructional programs which fall under this policy are self-support extension and Special Session courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, contract courses, special language programs for foreign students, educational programs for retired adults, special summer programs, travel/study programs, etc. There exist various University programs which are specifically exempted from this policy. They include:

  1. Activities which are a part of state-sponsored academic programs and performed during the regular academic year, which do not involve additional salaries or tuition (e.g., performances by academic departments, student performances, instructional field trips.)
  2. Humboldt State University Foundation grants and contracts and programs not related to the instructional offerings of the University.
  3. Student Services activities, including those sponsored by the Associated Students, the residence halls, Humboldt Orientation Program, and the University Center; in-service programs for students, faculty, and staff; and other similar programs as determined by the President or designee.

Proposed programs not appropriate for submittal through Extended Education (see exceptions above) which propose to utilize University instructional facilities, the name of "Humboldt State University," or which propose charging fees for academic instruction must first be reported to the Academic Vice President in order to determine which campus agency should be responsible for coordination.

In the special case of grants and contracts which have as a component of their expenditures such instructional activities as are covered by this policy, the budget for those grants and contracts shall contain a direct cost line item for Extended Education fees which shall be developed in consultation with the Office of Extended Education. Additionally, salaries paid for such instructional activities shall be paid under the signature authority of the Director of Extended Education to assure compliance with systemwide salary schedules.

During the summer, the Director of Extended Education shall schedule or coordinate with Room Reservations to schedule the use of available instructional facilities and related services, except for state-supported courses. Requests must be submitted by persons representing campus departments, offices, or by individual faculty members sponsoring programs. Programs otherwise exempted above nevertheless shall comply with this provision.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Extended Education to coordinate all publicity and promotion relating to Extended Education with the Office of University Advancement.

All activities of self-support programs must be consistent with policies of the California State University, the Board of Trustees and the University, particularly as they pertain to fiscal matters and use of facilities. Information regarding such matters is available in the Office of Extended Education. Similarly, all self-support program expenditures within or related to grants and contracts must be consistent with grant and contract policies administered by HSU Foundation.

The Academic Vice President is assigned the operational responsibility for compliance with this policy and any questions related to it should be addressed to the Office for Academic Affairs.

Distribution: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs.