Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee

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August, 2001
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It is widely recognized that alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse poses a threat to the safety and well-being of students, staff and faculty in University communities, and may significantly compromise their academic and professional endeavors. Board of Trustees' policy, the 1988 Drug-Free Workplace Act, and the 1989 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment require a program to prevent the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees. Humboldt State University recognizes its responsibility to proactively address issues of substance use and abuse (which includes the use of alcohol, tobacco and other legal and illegal drugs) that affect its community.

The purpose of this Executive Memorandum is to establish the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee, with the functions and membership outlined below. The Committee is advisory to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs for policy issues related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use within the University community.
  1. Functions of the Committee
    1. Education and Prevention. The Committee shall develop a plan for comprehensive education, prevention, and intervention programming concerning alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. The Committee shall assess community substance use and abuse and develop appropriate education and social norming strategies.
    2. Review of and Recommendations for Policy. The Committee shall review and develop recommendations for campus policies and procedures related to alcohol, tobacco and drug use issues for students, staff and faculty. These recommendations will be forwarded to appropriate avenues for consideration.
    3. Communication. The Committee shall serve as a forum for members and guests from a range of campus and community groups to communicate about issues, policies and activities related to substance use and abuse in the University community.
  2. Membership
    1. Members - appointed to two-year terms of service:
      1. Two faculty members (appointed by Academic Senate)
      2. Two "at large" staff members (appointed by the President)
      3. Representative from University Police (appointed by the Chief of University Police)
      4. Representative from Arcata Police Department (appointed by the Chief of APD)
      5. Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life
      6. Associated Students Vice President for Legislative Affairs (or designee)
      7. One student representative from fraternal/Greek organizations (appointed by AS upon the recommendation of the Greek Council)
      8. Representative student from the Residence Hall Association (appointed by AS upon the recommendation of the RHA)
      9. Representative student from Intercollegiate Athletics (appointed by the AS upon the recommendation of the Captains Council)
      10. Student Health Center Health Educator
      11. One representative from Counseling and Psychological Services (appointed by the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services)
      12. One representative from community substance abuse prevention/treatment field (appointed by the President)
      13. One representative from Arcata alcoholic beverage retailers/tavern owners (appointed by the President)
    2. Chair - The Health Educator shall act as chair. The Chair is responsible for calling and facilitating meetings and generating minutes and reports on Committee activities.
  3. Meetings
    1. The Committee will meet at least four times each term.
  4. Reports
    1. The Committee will submit a report on its proceedings at the end of each Spring term, and others as needed, to the Vice President for Student Affairs and President.
Distribution: All faculty and staff