Parking and Transportation Committee

Month/Year Posted: 
February, 2003
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The Parking and Transportation Committee is established to serve as a forum for parking and transportation issues. This committee will receive input, evaluate parking and transportation strategies, make recommendations for action to the President, and implement strategies as directed by the President.


  • Chief of Police, Committee Chair
  • Two students, recommended by the Associated Students (1-year term)
  • Faculty member, recommended by the Academic Senate (2-year term)
  • Faculty member, recommended by the University Executive Committee (2-year term)
  • Staff member (non-management), recommended by the Staff Council (2-year term)
  • Director of Student Disability Resource Center
  • Director of Contracts, Procurement, & Risk Management
  • Director of Physical Services
  • Director of Fiscal Affairs
  • Supervisor, Parking & Commuter Services
  • Representative, City of Arcata, appointed by the City Council/City Manager

Distribution: Faculty and Staff
Committee Type: Administrative