Advisory Committee on Services to Students with Disabilites

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July, 2003
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In accordance with the revised CSU Policy for the Provision of Accommodations and Support Services to Students with Disabilities (Code: AA 2002-35, July 2002), Humboldt State University establishes an Advisory Committee on Services to Students with Disabilities. The charge to this committee is: assist in the evaluation of current campus policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities; develop prioritized plans relating to programs and services for students with disabilities; review barrier removal priorities as specified in the State University Administrator's Manual (SUAM); and, develop timelines.

The Committee is advisory to the President via the Director of Diversity & Compliance Services.


Chair to be appointed by the President from within committee membership (two-year term)

  1. Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  2. Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee
  3. Director of Student Disability Resource Center
  4. Two students appointed by Associated Students who have experience with disabilities (one-year term)
  5. Two faculty appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee, at least one of which who has experience with disabilities (two-year term)*
  6. Director of Diversity & Compliance Services
  7. Director of Information Technology Services or designee
  8. Director of Physical Services or designee
  9. Director of Fiscal Affairs or designee

* Initial term to be staggered

This committee shall meet regularly during the academic year. Minutes from each meeting and an annual report addressing its charge shall be submitted to the Director of Diversity & Compliance Services. The office of the Student Disability Resource Center shall provide administrative support for the Committee in meeting its charge.

Distribution: Faculty, Staff and Students
Committee Type: Administrative