Interim Management Personnel Plan Appointments

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August, 2004
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The purpose of this policy statement is to set forth guidelines for the use of acting or interim appointments in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP). For the purposes of this policy, the term “acting” or “interim” are used interchangeably. As a general principle, interim appointments are not favored as a method for filling positions for which a search would normally be conducted. An interim appointment may be used to fill an administrative position on a temporary basis if it is determined by the hiring authority that a vacancy in the position will result in a disruption of normal University or campus activities during the period of the search. The appointment should normally be for as short a time as possible, but no longer than one year. Any extension of the appointment may not exceed an additional year, and a justification must be submitted with the request for an extension.

The duration of an acting appointment must be specified by the hiring authority, and must be approved by the President, with recommendations from the Director of Human Resources, and the Director of Diversity and Compliance Services. With the request for appointment, a statement of the effect on the diversity goals of the department or unit should be provided.

When an HSU employee accepts an acting appointment they will have the right to return to their previous position. When a non-HSU employee accepts an acting appointment, there will be no retreat rights. All on-going MPP positions must be advertised, unless there is a reassignment of a MPP employee who is already in the Management Personnel Plan. A person appointed to an acting position will not be prohibited, as a condition of the acting appointment, from being a candidate for the on-going position.

The salary of the person appointed to an acting MPP position will be recommended by the hiring authority consistent with experience, market conditions, and education of the individual. If an acting appointment is converted to an on-going appointment as the result of a recruitment, the appointment and salary will be determined as in any new appointment and will be approved by the President.