Crisis Prevention and Assessment Team

Month/Year Posted: 
February, 2005
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Supersedes P99-9, P97-7 and P93-3

The Humboldt State University Crisis Prevention and Assessment Team (the "Team") is charged with assessing and recommending appropriate responses to potential workplace violence and threat situations on the Humboldt State University campus which involve students, staff, and/or faculty members collectively, individually, or any combination thereof.


  1. When the potential for, or allegation of, violence is identified from any source, the Team shall consult with appropriate persons and serve as a communication link between/among individuals and offices by communicating relevant information on a "need to know" basis.
  2. The Team shall assess the potential for violence, review the incident and allegations, and make recommendations to the President on appropriate responses to potential and actual workplace violence/crisis situations.
  3. The Team shall document and retain records of Team meetings, events, and recommendations, and ensure debriefing of the Team and others as appropriate.
  4. If the situation is public or the University deems to make a public announcement, the Team, through the Special Assistant to the President, will work with Public Affairs drafting information for public and media dissemination.
  5. If there is a major emergency/disaster, the Team will assist the Emergency Operations Center Director and the Policy Management Group.


The Crisis Prevention and Assessment Team reports directly to the President through the Special Assistant to the President. Meetings may be called by any member. Members include:

  • Chief, University Police
  • Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Counseling Center Psychologist
  • Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Special Assistant to the President
  • Others as identified by the core membership (above), on a per-case basis, dependent upon the circumstances and person(s) involved.

Distribution: All Faculty and Staff