Critical Immediate Send Message

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February, 2006
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Many computer users have experienced a substantial increase in unsolicited mass email. Unsolicited email often obscures important messages that relate directly to academic and administrative activities within the university.

On February 2, 2006, the Executive Committee approved this Critical Immediate Send Messages policy, to be effective immediately. The policy may be found at the ITS web site:
Messages concerning an emergency or other unusual events will continue to be emailed immediately to the campus when approved by the president, a vice president, the director of information technology services, the chief of police, the information security officer, the associate vice president of facilities management or the director of public affairs. This format of email communication will be used only when a message is time sensitive and relays important information to the university community.

Appropriate examples include:

  • Security matters (physical or computer)
  • University emergencies
  • Introduction or major changes to campus-wide policy

An exception to this policy must be approved by any of the above-mentioned authorized individuals and will be granted only if the message benefits a broad campus constituency, immediacy of communication is essential, and the significance of the content fulfills the university’s mission. Exceptions to this policy will be made only in extraordinary circumstances. In no case shall mass email be approved or used for commercial mailings.

Appropriate alternatives to mass email include the Weekly News and Announcements Bulletin and Humboldt State News Online: