Diversity Plan Action Council

Month/Year Posted: 
November, 2006
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Supersedes P06-01, P99-5, P96-5, P88-8, P88-1, P85-11, P83-12, P80-04

Upon the recommendation of the University Executive Committee, the Diversity Plan Action Council replaces the Educational Equity Committee (Executive Memorandum P88-1) and the Committee for Equal Rights & Diversity (Executive Memorandum P99-5).


The purpose of this Council is to advise the President and the University Executive Committee regarding implementation of the Humboldt State University Diversity Action Plan and the International Resource and Program Plan. The Diversity Plan Action Council will:

  • guide the implementation of the Diversity Action Plan
  • function as a leadership body that helps make progress toward changes related to campus diversity
  • act as a resource for dealing with new matters related to diversity that surface in the course of its work
  • be a group that takes a stand against manifestations of racism, sexism and other forms of oppression at Humboldt State University


The committee will be chaired by two co-chairs, elected by the membership of the committee. The co-chairs will facilitate meetings and should have good facilitation skills. The members of the committee will use, as much as possible, a consensus decision-making model.


The membership of the Council includes students, faculty, staff and administrators. Terms will be for one year initially; staggered terms to be determined. Council membership includes:

  • Four faculty members (one from each college and the library)
  • One representative from each college dean’s office
  • Up to six student representatives
  • One representative from Housing
  • One representative from the Student Affairs Office
  • One representative from the International Resource Committee
  • One representative from the Department of Ethnic Studies
  • One representative from the Department of Native American Studies
  • One representative from the Indian Teacher Education and Personnel Program (ITEPP)
  • One representative from the Indian Natural Resources, Science and Engineering Program
  • (INRSEP)
  • One representative from Student Academic Services Outreach Program (SASOP)
  • One representative from the Academic Senate
  • One representative from Athletics
  • One representative from the Multicultural Center
  • One representative from Staff Council
  • One representative from the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Associate Vice President, Faculty Personnel Services
  • Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Director, Student Disability Resource Center
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Diversity Programming Representative
  • Consultants as needed


The group will meet at least once each month as a full group, and as often as needed in subcommittees.


Subcommittees of the Diversity Plan Action Council include the following, derived from the Diversity Action Plan and the International Resource and Program Plan:

  • 1. HSU cultural transformation
  • 2. Student access, recruitment and retention
  • 3. Diversifying faculty and staff
  • 4. Inclusive excellence in education
  • 5. Diversity training and accountability