International Visitors - Guidelines for

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January, 2012
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Academic visitors and distinguished guests from abroad, including delegations from universities and research institutions, may approach Humboldt State University to be a collaborative partner in academic programs. These distinguished visitors should be accorded appropriate courtesy and recognition during their visits; it is essential that there be campus-wide knowledge of these visits and involvement with key offices in the planning of itineraries.


The purpose of this policy is to establish general guidelines for faculty and staff who are involved in planning and developing a program that includes visits from international faculty and university administrators. The HSU International Visitor Guide provides guidance and assistance with various protocols and procedures required for a successful visit. This guide must be followed when an executive administrator (e.g., president, vice president) is requested to participate, and resources and financial commitments are under consideration. Some visits are informal, such as faculty members meeting with colleagues from international universities. These types of meetings do not involve a broad segment of the university and are individual in nature. In this case the International Visitor Guide does not need to be followed.


All campus personnel shall follow the International Visitor Guide when international delegations are planning to visit the campus. When visits include delegations meeting with senior university officials and include developing programs and specific agreements, the International Visitor Guide outlines the key steps to follow.

Funding may be available to assist in hosting international visitors. Priority will be given to programs that have the potential to enhance student enrollment and retention, provide increased educational opportunities for students, and offer other activities that may provide significant benefits to the university.


Units or individuals planning visits by distinguished international visitors should contact the Office for Research, Graduate Studies and International Programs for assistance in organizing and planning the visit. An analysis of the purpose of the visit will be completed and an appropriate plan developed that includes factors such as schedule, interaction with senior university officials, hosting requirements, and gifts. In the event that the visit may lead to programs and activities that obligate the university to agreements, the procedures in the International Visitor Guide must be used.