Found, Unclaimed, or Abandoned Property Policy

Month/Year Posted: 
November, 2011
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The CSU Trustees delegate authority to each campus President to provide for the care, restitution, sale or destruction of found, unclaimed, or abandoned property that comes into the possession of the University, in accordance with Title 5, Sections 42375 and 42376 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 2080.8 of the California Civil Code, and Section 3250.1 of the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual.


Found, unclaimed, or abandoned property valued at or above three hundred dollars ($300) found on Humboldt State University property shall be submitted to the University Police Department for storage, documentation, safekeeping, and reasonable attempts to identify and contact the property’s owner.  

Such property shall be held by the University for a period of at least three (3) months. After such time the University Police Department shall arrange for the property to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, ensuring that notice of the sale is published once at least five days prior to the sale in a Humboldt County general circulation newspaper. Internet-based auction services may be utilized as a means of public auction provided they are in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and this policy.

The campus may dispose of any property upon which no bid is made at any sale.

Auction proceeds and interest earnings shall be used for scholarships and loans to students enrolled at Humboldt State University.

Items valued under $300 may be donated to another public institution or not-for-profit organization or otherwise disposed. The University Police Department is authorized to arrange for the auction of selected items valued under $300 (e.g., most bicycles), with the proceeds going to student scholarships and loans.

Employees of Humboldt State University who find valuable unclaimed or abandoned property in the course of their employment are prohibited from keeping such property or claiming it for themselves. Off-duty employees are not prohibited from bidding at auctions.

In addition to accepting property valued over $300 as described above, the University Police Department, as a service to the community, may also accept certain specified found, unclaimed, or abandoned property valued under $300, such as valuable serialized items (computers, calculators, cell phones, license plates, etc); personal ID cards and identification; wallets and purses; cash; bicycles; keys; jewelry; and electronic storage media (e.g., flash drives).

The University Police Department will not accept food, drinks, perishable items, and organic matter; dirty, soiled, or unsanitary items; illegal drugs/narcotics, lighters, and paraphernalia; personal grooming items; or any items deemed to be hazardous.