Sponsored Programs Foundation Policies

SPF Effort Reporting Policy

 Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation (HSU SPF) requires that all salaries and wages charged to sponsored projects are certified consistent with federal requirements. Effort reporting is required by all individuals who receive compensation from a federal grant or contract directly, or through cost sharing. As a condition to receiving federal funding, HSU SPF is required to maintain and certify the percentage of time that employees devote to federally-funded sponsored projects.

Export Controls Manual - prepared by the Chancellors Office

Certain types of equipment, software and technology are regulated by the U.S. government and this may impact the university and its employees’ ability to host international visitors, participate in international conferences, and conduct research in a completely open environment. While the CSU remains dedicated to academic freedom and openness in research, it must comply with the various laws and regulations known as export controls. Non-compliance with export controls may subject the university and individuals involved to civil and criminal penalties.

HSU SPF Project Closeout Policy

Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation (HSUSPF) receives award funding from various sources including, but not limited to federal, state, local, non-governmental, and private funders. This policy establishes procedures to properly close out awards to fulfill all obligations of the project in the required time frame as required by the funder.