SPF Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

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January, 2015

 Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation (HSU SPF) encourages campus personnel to engage in a variety of scholarly and creative activities, including those leading to external funding or income from public agencies, private entities and individuals, and entrepreneurial ventures.

At times, such activities may create situations that lead to potential or real instances of conflict of interest. HSU recognizes the obligation of individuals and the institution to ensure that instances of conflict of interest do not improperly affect university activities, including those conducted through auxiliary organizations. Therefore, through the policies and procedures set forth herein, HSU SPF intends to identify and address potential conflicts of interest that may arise among campus personnel proposing or engaging in externally funded activities.

This policy recognizes that State of California and federal government laws and regulations, which differ, do exist. These regulations and the CSU Chancellor’s Office Memo HR 2005-38 require HSU SPF to establish and maintain a conflict of interest policy and implementing procedures. The intention of the policy set forth below is to establish a uniform policy which covers state and federal laws and regulations currently in place and those anticipated and to provide the public with accountability in the institution's dealings with external organizations.