P21-01 Email Policy

Responsible Office: Information Technology Services

Applies to:  All persons and departments assigned an HSU email account

This document describes the email services provided by Humboldt State University (HSU), and outlines the campus’ responsible use policy for HSU faculty, staff, students, volunteers, emeriti, auxiliaries, and others who receive a university-provided email account.

Supersedes:  P16-01 Email Policy

Purpose of the Policy:

ICSUAM 8000 – System Wide Information Security Policy

Academic Freedom Policy

Purpose of the Policy

Appendix P of the HSU Faculty Handbook includes notes on Academic Freedom jointly developed by the American Association of University Professors and the American Association of Colleges, but does not state that those notes constitute the University’s official policy of Academic Freedom. The WASC Senior College and University Commission Criteria for Review CFR1.3 states “The institution publicly states its commitment to academic freedom for faculty, staff, and students, and acts accordingly.

Fall 2020 Grading Policy

Purpose of the Policy

At its regular meeting on September 1, 2020, the University Senate of Humboldt State University recommended to the President a temporary change of grade mode deadline during the Fall 2020 term in credit/no credit optional courses to the last Friday of instruction. Further, the University Senate recommended a temporary change in the add/drop deadline during the Fall 2020 term to the first Monday of the third week of instruction (September 14, 2020). The University Senate policy historically makes such recommendations (such as the one made in 2015).

Policy on Certificates

Purpose of the Policy

A certificate program is a coherent grouping of courses from one or more disciplines that provides a set of learning experiences, often, but not always, related to a specific career area. Alternatively, a certificate program may provide a multidisciplinary focus on a specific topic or area. A certificate program differs substantially in focus from a degree program, although certain common courses may be applied to both degree and certificate courses of study.