Campus Emergency and Conditions Information Hotline, 826-4636 (826-INFO)

Applies To:

Month/Year Posted: 
February, 2003
Policy Number: 
UML 03-02

Supersedes UML 95-04

A telephone information service has been established to provide the campus community with up to-date news regarding University emergency conditions and closures. 826-INFO was developed to provide critical information relating to situations that involve 1) hazards to health and property; 2) closures of buildings, streets, and parking lots; 3) emergency rescheduling of university working hours; and/or 4) conditions that otherwise affect the normal operation of the university.

The 826-INFO Hotline:

  • provides a means for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to obtain up-to-date information;
  • reduces telephone inquires to the University Police Department and other campus departments, freeing them to handle the situation at hand;
  • obviates the need to deploy the voice mail system for systemwide broadcasts, which can place a debilitating load on the campus telephone switch and incapacitate the VMS function.

Extension 4636 corresponds with the telephone keypad sequence INFO. Calls to 4630 also will be routed to the INFO recording for callers who might confuse the letter O and zero.

Message during normal conditions:

"You have reached the Humboldt State University recording for campus emergencies and conditions. At this time no emergencies or special conditions exist. If you need a campus telephone number, an operator is available during normal university working hours at 826 3011. Twenty-four hour emergency assistance is available from the University Police Department at 826-3456."

Message during emergency and/or closure conditions: The message should be concise and include relevant details. For example:

"You have reached the Humboldt State University recording for campus emergencies and conditions last updated on [date and time]. [Statement of emergency/condition and/or closure]. This condition is expected to last until [date and time]. Further information may be available by tuning in KHSU radio station at 90.5 FM or Community Access television on channel 12. This message will be updated as conditions warrant."

Posting Messages:

This service is intended to advise callers of campus emergencies, conditions, and closures and will not be used to announce events or schedules. Messages must be authorized by the President or a Vice President, or designee. Messages are posted to 826-INFO by University Police department staff, with backup provided by Telecommunications staff.

Distribution: All Faculty, Staff and Students