Temporary Food Facility Policy (Supersedes EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy)

Supersedes: EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy

Responsible Office: Risk Management and Safety Services

Applies to: all members of the university community and external groups wishing to serve food on campus.

Purpose of the Policy

To ensure the safe handling of food in temporary food facilities in order to protect people from injury or illness. The observance of this policy by your organization is essential in achieving this goal.

Campus Emergency and Conditions Information Hotline, 826-4636 (826-INFO)

Supersedes UML 95-04

A telephone information service has been established to provide the campus community with up to-date news regarding University emergency conditions and closures. 826-INFO was developed to provide critical information relating to situations that involve 1) hazards to health and property; 2) closures of buildings, streets, and parking lots; 3) emergency rescheduling of university working hours; and/or 4) conditions that otherwise affect the normal operation of the university.

Humboldt State University Nondiscrimination Policy (Superseded by EM:P11-06)

Language clarification 09/2008
Supersedes UML 00-03

Humboldt State University is committed to maintaining an environment free from unlawful discrimination. To fulfill this commitment, the University will work to prevent unlawful discrimination from occurring and will ensure that University policies prohibiting discrimination are fully enforced.

II-46 User Privacy Policy of the Humboldt State University Library

It is the policy of the Humboldt State University Library to respect the privacy of all users to the extent permitted by law. The Library will not reveal the identities of individual users (names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers) or reveal what information sources or services they consult (books checked out, questions asked), to anyone outside of the organization unless required to by law.