Temporary Food Facility Policy (Supersedes EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy)

Supersedes: EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy

Responsible Office: Risk Management and Safety Services

Applies to: all members of the university community and external groups wishing to serve food on campus.

Purpose of the Policy

To ensure the safe handling of food in temporary food facilities in order to protect people from injury or illness. The observance of this policy by your organization is essential in achieving this goal.

Academic Progress Rules (Milestones) for Undergraduate Programs

The purpose of this policy is to allow departments to establish milestones for identifying at risk students who are not making sufficient progress in their undergraduate academic programs for the purposes of intervention. Students so identified will be required to meet with academic advisors to develop a plan that will lead to successful completion of the existing program. If it is determined that successful completion of the current academic program is not achievable, then the student will be dismissed from that program and guided to a more appropriate program.

Campus Bereavement - Lowering of Flag

The University will acknowledge the death of HSU faculty and staff (both current and former employees) and others as the President deems appropriate, through the lowering of the flags at half-mast. The confirmed death of an employee should be reported to the Office of the President as soon as it becomes known. With the approval of the President, the lowering of the flags for one day - usually the date of the memorial service - will be coordinated with University Police.