HSU Print Production Guidelines, Marketing & Communications - Print Services

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June, 2018

HSU Print Production Guidelines

Responsible Office: Marketing & Communications – Print Services

Applies to: Faculty and Staff, Stateside Programs, Auxiliary Programs

Does not apply to: General office copying, HSU Bookstore, Computer labs, ITS pay-for-print

Marketing & Communications – Print Services is a reprographics service provider that operates on a chargeback basis for units on campus. Print Services provides production-level printing and related services, while maintaining University brand and sustainability standards. To ensure Print Services is able to remain effective in its role and that it is self-supporting, state and non-state funded departments must utilize its services.

Purpose of These Guidelines

These guidelines are to implement existing CSU policy at HSU.

According to CSU Policy Manual ICSUAM 5705.00 | Printing and Bindery Orders: Printing, binding, stapling, and other related service needs of a campus are often available from on-campus providers such as central reprographics or self-supporting copy centers. Whenever such needs can be accommodated locally, these service providers shall be considered first.

To ensure overall effectiveness and maintain campus standards, Print Services must be utilized to fulfill all production-level print and related work. If Print Services is unable to provide a particular service, it will oversee outsourcing to vendors, or provide an exemption to allow the department to outsource it. In either case, ICSUAM 5021 | Fair and Open Competition purchasing policies must be followed.


1. Production-level print and related services can be met by Marketing & Communications – Print Services. Print Services is a high-volume, cost-effective, and sustainable reprographics service provider for HSU. Services include, but are not limited to: color and black/white printing, bindery & finishing, automated mail & inserting, and large format banners & displays. Print Services has the industry knowledge and expertise to evaluate projects and determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce them. In the event that Print Services cannot meet requested services, or if it is not cost effective to meet the requested service in-house, Print Services will submit quote requests to approved off-campus service providers, or give an exemption for the client to use off-campus service providers. Print Services has working relationships with many off-campus service providers, and can specify the correct print specification and ensure compliance with HSU standards.

2. Utilizing Print Services

2.1. HSU departments can order printing services in three different methods: online, walk-in, and email.

2.1.1. Online ordering (preferred) – Clients pre-register on Print Shop Pro (humboldt.webdeskprint.com) before using the online ordering system. Once registration is approved, clients can create orders, estimates, and reorder already completed jobs utilizing their account numbers for billing. 2.1.2. Walk-ins – Clients may visit Print Services at Building 88 during regular business hours to submit orders in person.

2.1.3. Email – Clients may submit orders via email at marcom@humboldt.edu.

3. Upholding Brand Graphic Standards – Print Services works to ensure that brand graphic standards (brand.humboldt.edu) are followed for all print jobs.

4. Ensuring appropriate review of recruitment and fundraising materials – It is the responsibility of Print Services to forward any recruitment or fundraising marketing material to the office responsible for these areas, for review and consultation, before printing.

5. Upholding University Sustainability Guidelines –Print Services balances cost with sustainability. It researches new sustainability practices and products within the reprographics trade, and it sources paper and other consumables that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Print Services will ensure that in-house and outsourced materials are sourced sustainably while keeping budget in mind.

6. Trademark & Licensing — Print Services helps to ensure that HSU standards related to its trademarked and licensed marks are followed. (brand.humboldt.edu/legal)


General office copying, HSU Bookstore, ITS pay for print, computer labs.


Issued: 7/1/2018