Required Use of Chlorine Free, 100 Percent Recycled or 100 Percent Agricultural Waste Fiber Paper

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February, 2019
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Supersedes:  EM:P05-05

Responsible Office: Marketing & Communications

Applies to:  All university departments


Purpose of the Policy

To strengthen HSU’s responsibility toward helping preserve the environment, all university departments will exclusively purchase chlorine free, 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled office paper and/or paper made from 100 percent agricultural waste fiber (e.g., bagasse, a byproduct from sugarcane processing). This applies to letter size general use white paper that is used in copiers and printers.

Policy Details 

Purchased in quantity, the price of recycled and agricultural waste fiber papers has become increasingly competitive with virgin fiber papers. In addition, modern copiers and printers are better designed so that recycled and agricultural waste fiber papers do not jam or cause other performance problems.

The University and the environment benefit greatly from the use of recycled and agricultural waste fiber paper. Based on past consumption, this policy annually saves the equivalent of 1,200 mature trees; 349,000 gallons of water; 204,000 kilowatt hours of electricity; 3,000 lbs. of air pollution; and 104,485 lbs. of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, paper processed without chlorine also avoids dioxin pollution and other negative environmental impacts of chlorine bleaching.

For questions or information on where to buy 100 percent post-consumer recycled or 100 percent agricultural waste fiber paper, contact Marketing and Communications Print Services at 826-3321, or


Issued:       November 2005

Revised:    12/11/19