Marine Science Advisory Committee (MSAC)

Applies To:

Month/Year Posted: 
January, 2002
Policy Number: 
VPAA 01-04

I.                   Charge of the Committee:

Advises and assists the Director of Marine Facilities with developing policy recommendations regarding the use of the Telonicher Marine Laboratory and vessels. In addition, the MSAC will provide advice and assistance in addressing concerns raised by faculty or students utilizing the laboratory or its vessels.
II.                Membership:              
Director of Marine Facilities (Chair)
Dean for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences
Faculty representative from the Department of Biological Sciences
Faculty representative from the Department of Fisheries Biology
Faculty representative from the Department of Oceanography
Captain of the research vessel
Diving Safety Officer
Up to two additional representatives may be added, as needed.      
Faculty representatives are appointed by their department chair. Additional representatives will be appointed, when necessary, by the Director of Marine Facilities. Additional appointed positions will be for two years. Faculty and additional representatives may be reappointed.
III.             Type:                          
IV.             Meetings:                   

Meetings are held monthly, excluding summer, or as needed.