Special Topics (ST) Course Policy

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September, 2010
Policy Number: 
VPAA 10-05

All Baccalaureate/Master’s Special Topics Courses will be numbered *80 (e.g. 180/280/380/480/580/680/780); a course number of *80 is only to be used for a Special Topics course.

Special Topics courses are academic credit-bearing courses in the HSU catalog that provide a generic course vehicle to offer special topics on an "as needed basis." Generally, Special Topics courses are not used as a substitution for courses specifically identified in a student's curriculum.
Special Topics courses are used to offer (a) transient subject matter for which a regular new course with continuing status would not be justified or which can only be offered to take advantage of, for example, the special expertise of a visiting professor, or (b) a topic that has been suggested as a potential new course, on a trial-basis.
Courses identified as Special Topics courses are temporary; they are not ongoing courses with variable topics. Variable topics courses which are ongoing with different content in different semesters must undergo curricular review and be given numbers that reflect their permanent status (e.g., Selected Topics in Egyptology; Senior Seminar: topics vary by term).
No course may be offered more than four times using a Special Topics course number. If the course may become permanent, the course should be submitted to the Integrated Curriculum Committee for review after the second offering. Before offering the same course for a fifth time, the program must be approved through the normal curricular review process with an appropriate number change.
PASSED – Senate – 2/23/2010
APPROVED – President Richmond – 3/19/2010