Establishing Program Currency Requirements Policy

Applies To:

Month/Year Posted: 
September, 2011
Policy Number: 
VPAA 11-02

Academic programs are allowed to establish currency requirements for their major’s courses limiting the number of years that a course can be counted towards the degree. In accordance with Title 5, all courses taken within seven academic years of the date of graduation will be considered current for purposes of the major. Programs may identify specific courses that will not be considered current if they were completed more than seven academic years from the date of graduation. Year limits may be waived by the department with documentation of currency using established methods (e.g., exam, portfolio, review of resume and work experience, etc.). Currency requirements must be published in the HSU Catalog to be applied.

PASSED Unanimously – April 26, 2011 – Academic Senate
APPROVED – June 7, 2011 – President Richmond