Revised Final Evaluation Week Policy

At the request of the Academic Senate, and the endorsement of the President, approval has been granted to officially replace the current Final Evaluation Week Policy (2002) with a revised Final Evaluation Week Policy (#10-08/09-EP). The primary purpose of revising the policy is to bring it in line with the new syllabus policy and remove various logical inconsistencies in the old policy. The revised policy shall be printed in the Schedule of Classes, be added to the Faculty Handbook, and it will be the responsibility of the Office of Academic Affairs to disseminate remin

Policy on Independent Academic Work (IAW) Courses Numbering and Naming

This policy covers Independent & Directed Study and Senior/Master’s Thesis & Project courses in which the vast majority of learning will be the responsibility of the individual to seek out and acquire knowledge. The following course numbers are appropriate for these S-class courses: 

199, 299, 399, 499, 599, 699, 799 Baccalaureate/Master’s Directed/Independent Study

490/690 Senior/Master’s thesis

492/692 Senior/Master’s Project

Minimum Passing Grade Requirement for Graduate Degrees Policy

The minimum passing grade requirement for courses used to satisfy the requirements of a Master’s Degree at HSU will be a B-. Current students may elect to complete their program with the minimum grade requirements as stated in the HSU Catalog published the year that they were admitted. Where there are conflicts in the catalogs through 2010/2011, with two or more different standards, a student will be required to meet the standard set by the program. A higher grade standard than the campus minimum (B-) may be specified by a graduate degree program.

Establishing Program Currency Requirements Policy

Academic programs are allowed to establish currency requirements for their major’s courses limiting the number of years that a course can be counted towards the degree. In accordance with Title 5, all courses taken within seven academic years of the date of graduation will be considered current for purposes of the major. Programs may identify specific courses that will not be considered current if they were completed more than seven academic years from the date of graduation.