Violence and Threats of Violence Prohibited

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August, 2001
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Supersedes P99-8, P97-6 and P96-4

Subject: Zero Tolerance Policy on Campus Violence

Humboldt State University is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is free from violence for all members of the University community. The University has zero tolerance for and prohibits violent acts or threats of violence against any member of the University community or property on University premises. The University has zero tolerance for and prohibits violence or threats of violence occurring off the University premises by an employee or person acting in the capacity of a representative or agent of the University if such violence or threat of violence affects the legitimate interests of the University.

In accordance with the University's Workplace Violence Prevention Program (UML 01-04), the University will work to prevent violence from occurring and will enforce federal and state laws, as well as University regulations prohibiting violence and threats of violence.

Subject to Discipline, Expulsion and Prosecution

Violent acts or threats of violence by any University employee or student are subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment, expulsion from the University, and civil or criminal prosecution, as appropriate. Disciplinary action shall be conducted in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements or other appropriate University policies.

Violence and Threats of Violence Defined

For the purpose of this policy, violence and threats of violence include, but are not limited to:

  • Any act that is physically assaultive; or
  • Any threat, behavior or action which is interpreted by a reasonable person to carry the potential to:
  • Harm or endanger the safety of others;
  • Result in an act of aggression; or
  • Destroy or damage property.

In determining whether conduct constitutes a credible threat or act of violence, the circumstances surrounding the conduct will be considered.


It is the responsibility of every administrator, faculty member, staff member and student to take any threatening behavior and violent act seriously and to report it to the University Police Department. When confronted by an imminent or actual incident of violence, or a threat of possible violence, on campus, call 9-1-1- immediately.

The University's Crisis Consultation Team supports the University's response to potentially violent situations. Supervisors, Department Chairs, Directors, Managers and other administrators are encouraged to consult with the Crisis Consultation Team via the University Police Department (campus extension 3456) for assistance in assessing the level of danger, designing an intervention, and choosing appropriate safety measures.

No person who files a complaint, testifies, assists or participates in any manner in an investigation, proceeding or hearing, shall be intimidated, threatened, coerced or discriminated against by any other person within the University community. Such prohibited intimidation, threat, coercion or discrimination may constitute grounds for disciplinary action. The filing of false and malicious complaints may also be grounds for disciplinary action. Nothing in this policy alters any other reporting obligations established in University policies or in applicable law.


Administrators and staff assigned to conduct investigations shall maintain confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. However, in most cases, complainants will need to be identified in order for appropriate action to be taken.

  • The Crisis Consultation Team was established by Executive Memorandum P93-3.

Distribution: All Faculty and Staff