Honorary Degree Nominating Committee

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September, 2017
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Applies to: Faculty, staff, and students

Approved by the President of Humboldt State University on September 26, 2017

Supersedes EM:P06-04 Honorary Degree Nominating Committee


Purpose of the Policy

This policy establishes the committee for nominating honorary degree recipients.


Policy Details

All honorary degrees are conferred by the Board of Trustees of the California State University in the name of the California State University or in the names of the California State University and a campus.  Campus presidents are allowed to nominate no more than two persons for an honorary degree in any given academic year.

The Honorary Degree Nominating Committee is established under CSU Trustee Policy which provides that the “campus president, after consultation with the executive committee of the campus academic senate, shall establish an honorary degree selection committee that includes faculty representation…” and that this Committee “…shall review recommendations and assist in the development and compilation of materials in support of nominations to be forwarded.”

The Honorary Degree Nominating Committee will consist of:

           Chair: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

           Type: Administrative

           Meetings: As needed


           Vice President, University Advancement

           Chair, University Senate (General Faculty President)

           An alumni representative selected by the President

           A faculty member selected by the Senate Appointments Committee   (two-year term)

           Dean (appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Senate Executive Committee) (two-year term)

           President, Associated Students

The Honorary Degree Nominating Committee will develop and periodically review campus guidelines for honorary degrees, in keeping with the criteria established by CSU Trustee Policy.

At the beginning of each fall semester, the Honorary Degree Nominating Committee will solicit nominations from faculty, staff, and alumni.  This process will be administered by University Advancement in accordance with the guidelines provided in CSU Trustee Policy.

While the Committee is not required to make any nomination in a given year, the Committee will report each year its deliberations and recommendations to the President by the first of November.

The deliberations of the Committee and all material pertaining to recommendations for honorary degrees will be strictly confidential.



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Issued:         09/2006 (EM:P06-04 - Honorary Degree Nominating Committee)

Revised:       09/19/2017 (University Senate Resolution 01-17/18-APC – procedure revision)

Approved:  09/26/2017 (Policy #P-17-06 - Honorary Degree Nominating Committee)

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