Academic Affairs Policies

Priority Registration Policy

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the different types of registration considered priority registration, the student groups eligible for priority registration, and the order in which the Office of the Registrar assigned enrollment appointments. This policy reflects the students required to receive priority registration based on the California Education Code, as well as priority registration eligibility based on existing campus practices.


Student populations:

Combined Bachelor's and Master's Pathways Policy

Purpose of the Policy   No current university policy exists to guide the development of a combined Bachelor’s to Master’s degree pathway at Cal Poly Humboldt. Coded Memorandum AA 2012-01 specifies the minimum requirements for establishing a “blended degree model”, which at Cal Poly Humboldt shall be referred to as the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Pathway (CBMP) Policy.

Syllabus Policy

Syllabus Policy


Academic Policies Committee

Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students

Supersedes: P18-01 Course Syllabus Policy, P16-03 Syllabi Policy, and VPAA 07-02 HSU Policy on Content of Syllabi

Purpose of the policy:

Assessment and Program Review Policy

Purpose of the Policy 

To promote continuous, evidence-based improvement in support of the university’s statement of purpose, this policy document outlines the requirements for assessment and program review at Cal Poly Humboldt. All academic programs, co-curricular programs, and operational units are included in this policy in order to maintain a comprehensive institutional effectiveness program.