Academic Affairs Policies

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - Use of Policy

The Office of Research has been tasked with assuring that all use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for research purposes at Humboldt State University follows all federal regulations and HSU and CSU policies. Please see the HSU Policy (below) on the use of UAS for research endeavors for more information.  As of July 12, 2017, the use of UAS related to research endeavors at HSU may be requested under FAA Part 107. Please see the description of Part 107 for further details.

Registration Policy and Procedure for Students

POLICY: Priority and Scheduling of Registration

Students shall be allowed to register in the following order:

GROUP 1: Priority Students

Category A - Students with disabilities and registered with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) who would not otherwise achieve their academic goals within a reasonable period of time due to an on-going disability.

Category B - Students who participate in intercollegiate sports governed by the NCAA.

Letter HSU Policy on Content of Syllabi (VPAA 07-02 superseded by P18-01)

The Academic Senate and the President recently approved a new “HSU Policy on Content of Syllabi” (VPAA 07-02 ), which replaces the existing campus policy in the HSU Faculty Handbook and is attached for your reference. In addition to addressing the content to be included in each course syllabus, the policy also encourages all faculty members to post syllabi online in a format that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Co-listing of Graduate and Undergraduate Courses Policy

Humboldt State University allows individual degree programs to offer upper-division (300 or 400-level) undergraduate majors courses (no upper division general education courses) with graduate (500- or 600-level) courses having similar course content in a co-listing arrangement with a single instructor and a common meeting schedule. Co-listing (also known as co-convening or dual-listing) of courses allows for more interaction between undergraduate and graduate students and expands the opportunities for undergraduate students to be exposed to instruction at a more challenging level.

Self-Support Program Net Revenue Distribution

DISTRIBUTION: Academic Deans and Department Chairs

In order to provide a consistent and transparent practice in College of Extended Education & Global Engagement (CEEGE), the percentages for net revenue1 sharing for all self-support academic programs including certificate programs will be as follows:

• College of eLearning and Extended Education – 40%

• Academic Dean’s Office (s) – 40%

• Academic Department (s) – 10%

• Academic Affairs Office – 10% 

Research Misconduct - Policy and Procedure for Responding to Allegations of


Approved by the University Senate on this date:  April 15, 2014

Approved by Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs on this date:  August 24, 2016

Supersedes Policy #14-04 (Policy and Procedure for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct) to include comments from the California Faculty Association.


Field Trip Policy


It is the policy of Humboldt State University that each college within the university shall develop a field trip policy appropriate to its field trip activities. As mandated by the CSU Chancellor’s Executive Order No. 715, at a minimum, the college policies shall be consistent with the CSU Risk Management Policy guidelines.