II-50 Policy for Responsible Computing in the Humboldt State University Library

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January, 2012
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    1. Policy

1.1  The use of Library computing resources is governed by the Guidelines for Responsible Computing at Humboldt State University (Appropriate Use Policy) contained in University Management Letter 01-02 (April 2001) and the CSU Information Security Policy (April 19, 2010).

1.2   Since the Library serves a broader user clientele than is envisioned by the Preamble of the Guidelines for Responsible Computing at Humboldt State University which addresses "students, faculty, and staff," certain amplifications and clarifications to this Policy are appropriate and are addressed in the following sections.

1.3   Academic Computing Labs within the Library are governed by the basic policy in 1.1.

    1. Notification to Users. The Library will post appropriate signage directing users to this policy on the Library's web server.
    2. Definitions. Two additional definitions are applicable to users of Library computing resources:

"University-related activity." Any information-seeking activity which encourages the exploration and discovery of knowledge.

"Community User." Users of Library computing resources who are not HSU faculty, staff, or students; and whose access is governed by Library Manual II-16-1 "Access Policy for Non-Affiliated Borrowers."

    1. Restrictions

4.1   Some Library resources are restricted by vendor contracts to use by HSU students and faculty only.

4.2   In conformance with the Guidelines for Responsible Computing at Humboldt State University library computing resources may not be used to:

4.2.1. Harass or threaten other users

4.2.2. Display on screens images, sounds, or messages which could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment to others.

4.3   HSU students who need to display images or messages for academic research that may be objectionable to others must contact their instructor to arrange a private work area outside the Library.

    1. Priorities for Use

5.1   Any user may be bumped by Library staff and other users at any point for higher level priorities.

5.2   Priorities from highest to lowest:

  1. HSU students, faculty and staff using Library electronic resources
  2. HSU students, faculty and staff performing "university-related activity"
  3. "Community users" as defined in 3. above for "university-related activity"
  4. Non-academic uses such as social networking, entertainment videos, and personal email.
    1. Enforcement Steps

6.1   User in violation of this policy will be asked to desist.

6.2   For users who refuse to desist the University Policy Department will be contacted and other measures taken as appropriate in accordance with policies outlined in 1.1.

Approved by All Library Council 1-10-12