University Policies & Executive Memoranda

Policy Type: University Policies & Executive Memoranda
Month/Year Policy Number Policy Titlesort descending Supersedes
Jan 2002 [EM:P02-01] Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities Policy and Procedures
Feb 2017 [P17-02] Acting President Policy
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-04] Addendum to Policy for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in Recruitment and Appointment
Jul 2003 [EM:P03-07] Advisory Committee on Services to Students with Disabilites
Jun 2000 [EM:P00-06] Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in Recruitment and Appointment Policy
Aug 2001 [EM:P01-03] Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Committee
Mar 2011 [EM:P11-­01] Alcoholic Beverages - Comprehensive University Policy Regarding Use of
Apr 2019 [P19-04] Alcoholic Beverages Policy Alcoholic Beverages - Comprehensive University Policy Regarding Use of
Dec 2017 [P17-08] Animals on Campus Policy - Employees
Dec 2017 [P17-09] Animals on Campus Policy – Student, Campus Residents and Visitors
Oct 2009 [EM:P09-04] Background and Criminal Records Check Policy and Procedures
Feb 2019 [P19-02] Budget Oversight Policy
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-03] Campus Bereavement - Lowering of Flag
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-04] Campus Closure Policy
Feb 2014 [EM:P14-01] Charitable Contribution Acceptance Policy
Nov 2013 [EM:P13-02] Clery Act - Timely Warnings and Crime Alerts Under the Jeanne Clery Act
Mar 2008 [EM:P08-01] Commercial Visual And Sound Productions Policy
Jul 2012 [DAR 11-06] Communication and Solicitation Guidelines - HSU Alumni & Friends
Oct 2018 [P18-03] Controlled Substances and Alcohol Policy for Drivers of Commercial Vehicles
Feb 2005 [EM:P05-03] Crisis Prevention and Assessment Team
Feb 2006 [EM:P06-02] Critical Immediate Send Message
Jun 2010 [EM:P10-03] Data Classification Standards - HSU Implementation of the CSU Data Classification Standards
Jan 2016 [P16-02] Data Management Policy
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-08] Diversity Plan Action Council
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-07] Diversity Program Funding Committee
Feb 2006 [EM:P06-03] Enrollment Management Advisory Committee
Mar 2000 [EM:P00-03] Externally Funded Grants and Contracts
Jul 2021 [P21-02] Facilities Management Chargeback Policy Plant Operations Chargeback Policy, UML 00-05, October 2000 (Archived)
Jun 2011 [EM:P11-04] Formation of Centers/Institutes Policy
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-08] Found, Unclaimed, or Abandoned Property Policy
Jul 2012 [DAR 11-08] Fundraising Policy
Apr 2017 [P17-03] Hazardous Materials Management Program Policy
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-09] Information Security Policy - Implementation of the CSU
Apr 2004 [EM:P04-01] Injury and Illness Prevention Program - Implementation of Campus
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-02] Interim Management Personnel Plan Appointments
Jan 2012 [II-16] International Visitors - Guidelines for
Apr 2020 [P20-03] Key & Access Control Policy
Feb 2020 [P20-01] Minimum Qualifications for Student Office Holders
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-10] Network Connection Policy
Oct 2011 [EM:P11-06] Nondiscrimination Policy
Jan 2016 [P16-01] P16-01 Email Policy (Archived)
Apr 2021 [P21-01] P21-01 Email Policy P16-01 Email Policy (Archived)
Feb 2003 [EM:P03-01] Parking and Transportation Committee
Dec 2015 [P15-04] Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - Policy for Compliance with
Feb 2017 [P17-01] Policy on Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines
Oct 2006 [EM:P06-05] Public Safety Committee
Feb 2019 [P19-01] Required Use of Chlorine Free, 100 Percent Recycled or 100 Percent Agricultural Waste Fiber Paper
Nov 2006 [EM:P06-09] Risk Management Policy
Apr 2002 [EM:P02-02] Service Learning/Experiential Education Advisory Committee
Jul 2003 [EM:P03-08] Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - Information And Policy for
Jul 2014 [EM: P14-03] Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Policy
Aug 2017 [EO 1108] Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Systemwide Policy
Nov 2015 [P15-03] Space Management Policy
Feb 2020 [P20-02] Student Club and Student Organization Travel Policy
Oct 2001 [EM:P01-05] Student Fee Advisory Committee
May 2018 [P18-02] Temporary Food Facility Policy (Supersedes EM:P10-02 Temporary Food Facilities/Food Sanitation Policy)
Jun 2010 [EM:P10-01] Time, Place and Manner of Free Expression Policy
Dec 2017 [P17-10] University Operating Fund Reserve Policy
Aug 2004 [EM:P04-03] University Space and Facilities Committee
Nov 2011 [EM:P11-07] Wireless Device Policy